Becoming a Wisdomkeeper – October 23rd


Workshop about the (peri)menopause transition in Gent.

Practical info:

  • October 23rd, 2022
  • 10:00 – 16:00h
  • Atelier Amarant, Antwerpen
  • Including a light lunch and inspiration booklet
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring something to take notes


I will share a seasonal view of menopause and both the physical and mental changes will be covered.

.You will gain insight into how your hormones change between the ages of 35 and 55
.We explore the dynamics and stages of (peri)menopause so you understand where you are in the process
.You will learn about the seasons of life and how this approach provides you with the key to understanding your needs and finding practically achievable self-care
.Some accessible exercises and tips are provided that you can easily integrate into your daily life
.We will look at which plants can be your (peri)menopause ally and how you can easily integrate them into your diet
.There will be time to share your experience (if you feel the need) and look ahead to what is awaiting us



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As women ease into this new state of being, they hold wisdom and compassion that should be treasured and shared. Would you like to know what happens during (peri)-menopause and what changes afterwards, and how you can best support your own health during this transition? Are you curious on how the last years of your menstruating life can become a preparation for your wisdom years during menopause? Do you want to experience this phase in full serenity and connection to your body? Then this workshop is for you!