Foraged from the luscious fields and forests in the Drôme.

Small batched – Wildcrafted with love – For fierce spirits.

I believe that eating and ingesting untamed plants that grow wherever they please awakens our own wild, intuitive and daring nature and brings us closer to our core. I also believe that the attitude with which one approaches and processes plants affects the quality of the preparation.

All aspects of the harvesting and production process are handled with care. The majority of the ingredients have been wildcrafted or grown organically on our land. Where needed we buy ingredients from small local enterprises that follow regenerative principles and commit to sustainable agriculture. 

WW&B products support the natural changes in your hormonal balance and they help you cope with the overload caused by stress and a fast-paced lifestyle.

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Because excess hormones are broken down and disposed of by the liver, a smooth functioning of the liver and digestive system is crucial. At the same time, herbal preparations that promote digestion have a beneficial influence on the processing of emotions, so you work on two aspects at the same time.

The products in this range help you nourish and revitalize your system and replenish your energy. They mainly focus on hydrating the body, on helping your body (and adrenal glands) respond better to stress, anxiety and  fatigue and on bringing nutrients to depleted areas of the body.

These products are designed to calm the mind and bring you mental clarity so you can centre and balance yourself and find your flow into life again.

Products to help you balance your hormonal fluctuations and smoothen out peaks and dips.

Products to encourage you to take a moment of well-being for yourself. To nurture your body, mind and soul.