The Wild Wild Garden

Nestled in the fruitful foothills of the Drôme region in France, you’ll find the luscious wild garden of Wild, Wild & Botanical. Kissed by both the Alps and Mediterranean Sea, this rugged region is filled with warm sunlight and is known for its diversity in wild herbs and aromatic plants. The Herborist Walhalla you may say.

Surrounded by Oak and Pine trees and juniper bushes, our secluded garden is located at a small organic vegetable and herb farm at the foot of Crête de Raton, in the Parc Regional des Baronnies Provencal. 

Following the principals of permaculture, the garden of Wild, Wild & Botanical is filled with aromatic and medicinal herbs that are used in our own line of botanical products.

Some spontaneous inhabitants of the garden include oak, hawthorn, rose, calendula, nigella, plantain, red clover, agrimony, burdock, potentilla, prickly lettuce, juniper, mugwort, pine, wild carrot, vervain, mint, …

In a first phase I observed more than I intervened, to be able to start from what is already there. A few indispensables I planted: fig, strawberry, lemon balm, mullein, yarrow, thyme, tobacco, althaea, and clary sage.

This garden is a childhood dream come true and tending it is a great attention practice. My relationship with plants is a way to deepen my connection to the earth and get permeated by the cyclical nature of life. It teaches me to refine my senses, to listen to my intuition and to slow down. It opens my heart and intensifies feeling alive in the world.