Reconnect to (your) wilderness

Retreats, tools and products from wild nature for the wildly tender womxn.

Starting from a philosophy that our bodies are beautiful tools and plants are our genius allies, WW&B organizes workshops and retreats that offer somatic techniques to get closer to nature and to your own body. A cyclical approach is at the core of all offerings.

Our Botanical Products

The Wild, Wild & Botanical range of products are seasonal and small-batched herbal preparations that are made from wildcrafted plants from the Vallée de l’Oule and from sustainably cultivated herbs from our own garden in the Drôme in France. 

Every product has a different role in supporting your connection to yourself and your surroundings, not only utilising the phytochemical properties but also honouring the energetical function of the plant

Workshops & Retreats

We offer workshops in herbalism, wild herb foraging and somatic awareness. Central in our work is a cyclical approach, guided by the deep ecology principle that the earth is alive, sentient and intelligent.

Wild, Wild & Botanical wants to create space for the wild in us. For those who long to feel themselves in their own bodies and love it. For the woman who wants to know (the power of) her cycle and trust her intuition. With both feet on the ground or in the trees. Taking self-care into her own hands while being supported by a strong community.

1 op 1 sessies

In een 1 op 1 sessie kijken we naar de ongemakken waar jij tegenaan loopt. Ik bied je holistisch advies op maat.

Na een gratis kennismakingsgesprek waarin we kijken of ik jou kan helpen, ontvang je een vragenlijst die de basis vormt voor de 1:1 sessie. We nemen 1 uur de tijd om dieper in te gaan op wat er bij jou speelt en je krijgt advies over hoe jij je met kruiden, supplementen en voeding kan ondersteunen.