Root and Rise

Tijdelijk uitverkocht – nieuwe batch in de maak

An uplifting nutritious blend of forest bitters for liver and adrenal support.

Conifers are big and old and deeply rooted and connect us all to some deeper, older wisdom. A Norway specimen of Spruce – Picea abies – Fijnspar is considered the oldest living tree (appr. 9570 years old!).

The scent of conifer needles, resin and bark is incredibly uplifting, and also incredibly grounding. Smelling conifers is enough to have some of the mood-uplifting and stress-reducing effects that one would receive while walking in the forest.

Conifers are incredibly medicinal: the needles are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals, and the needles and resins are anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. Their bitterness supports the liver function, and Pine has been used traditionally to support the kidneys. The smell of pine is bright (it is full of vitamin C) and pine is a blood purifier. The fir needles give it a citrusy brightness, and Juniper is a blood tonic that supports the kidneys as well.

Conifers, due to their age, their size, the fact that they operate on archaeological time as opposed to brief human time, remind us how small it all actually is, how brief, how ephemeral.

Grapefruit and cardamom

Two aromatics added for their dispersing qualities. They clear heat and dampness and help to promote relaxation and a smooth flow of energy.

30 ml

Ingredients: Pinus sylvestris leaves, Abies alba leaves, Picea abies leaves, organic unrefined sugar, organic orange and grapefruit peel, cardamom, Juniperus officinalis berries, pine resin, water,alcohol.

Please note: This product comes with a different label than pictured.