A liver-loving blend of Burdock & Rose bitters to improve digestion of fats and oils and promote comfort, calmness and self-affirmation.

Burdock – Arctium Lappa – Grote Klis

A powerhouse of antioxidants that protect the cells against damage from free radicals and can help reduce inflammation. It is a blood purifyer.

Burdock root is bitter, sweet and oily. The bitters stimulate secretion in the digestive tract. The essential fatty acids increase secretion of bile promoting better absorption of fats and oils and provides for good quality building blocks for the steroid hormones. Has a calming effect on the mind.

Rose – Rosa sp. – Roos

To have the full spectrum of rose, the buds, thorns and flowers are blended. Rose is an excellent and simple adstringent, it tightens and tonifies inflamed tissues, both topically and internally. It is balancing, cooling and moisturizing. The high vitamine C content of rosehip makes it an excellent anti-oxidant that strengthens, heals and protects the tissues. They also offer some sweetness. The flowers are considered an aphrodisiac that awakens feelings of warmth and love, also towards oneself. Rose opens the heart and offers protection.

Orange, ginger and cardamom

Three aromatics added for their dispersing qualities. They clear heat and dampness and help to promote relaxation and a smooth flow of energy.

30 ml

Ingredients: Rosa sp. hips* and thorns*, Arctium lappa root*, Rosa sp. petals*, organic orange peel, cardamom, ginger, alcohol, water.